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I am currently writing my own shell program. This simple shell can just execute commands.

When executing commands like vi or calc which require input from the terminal , the command is getting executed and is waiting for the input from the user. But I am unable to give any input on the screen.

How should the input be handled during the fork and exec.

Here is the piece of code which is executing commands:

    if((pid = fork()) < 0)
            perror("Fork failed");
    if(pid == 0)
            // Child process
            if(execvp(arguments[0], arguments) == -1)
                    child_status = errno;
                            case ENOENT:
                                    printf(" command not found \n");
            // parent process
            int wait_stat;
            if(waitpid(pid , &wait_stat, WNOHANG) == -1)
                    printf(" waitpid failed \n");

} ~


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Is this homework? – msw Jun 8 '10 at 18:38
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The WNOHANG is causing the parent process not to wait and therefore (depending on platform) the child process will be detached from terminal IO or die.

Remove the WNOHANG.

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Thank you. And this is not homework. – hits_lucky Jun 8 '10 at 18:58

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