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I have some large XML files to parse and have created an object class to contain my relevant data. Unfortunately, I am unsure how to return the object for later processing. Right now I pickle my data and moments later depickle the object for access. This seems wasteful, and there surely must be a way of grabbing my data without hitting the disk.

def endElement(self, name):
    if name == "info": # done collecting this iteration
    elif name == "lastTagOfInterest": # done with file
        # want to return my object from here
        filehandler = open(self.outputname + ".pi", "w")
        pickle.dump(self.data, filehandler)

I have tried putting a return statement in my endElement tag, but that does not seem to get passed up the chain to where I call the SAX parser.

Thanks for any tips.

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Isn't it in self.data ? Is there something I don't get ? –  Steven D. Majewski Jun 8 '10 at 22:02
Correct, I was blinded by temporary stupidity. –  sentimental_turtle Jun 8 '10 at 22:08
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Bah, sat and thought about it for a second and the answer was obvious. Return quit the method, and then just pull out the data field from the ContentHandler object I had created.

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