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I have this code below which works in firefox and all others except in IE. Am I making a syntaxt error somewhere? Can't seem to find it and its driving me nuts. Any help is appreciated!

        var name = $(this).attr('name'); // grab name of original
        /* create new visible input */
        var html = '<input type="checkbox" class="NetscapeFix" size="4" maxlength="5"  name="'+name+'" id="'+name+'"  value="1" dir="rtl" />';
        $(this).after(html).remove(); // add new, then remove original input

Thank you, Kaz

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You might want to reformat your code! – Matt Huggins Jun 8 '10 at 22:59
Which part doesn't work? Does any part of it work? – user113716 Jun 8 '10 at 23:05

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One guess is that there's no such thing as input[type="textbox"]. Perhaps you might have meant to put either input[type="text"] or textarea?

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on which version of IE you experienced this problem? also which version of jquery you are using?

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This is more of a comment than an answer. Please use the comments functionality to keep things tidy. Thanks. – user113716 Jun 8 '10 at 23:04
@patrick: 50 rep is required in order to comment, so this is why Esse posted his comment as an answer. It's wrong, but it's common amongst new users. – Andy E Jun 8 '10 at 23:07
@Andy - I see. Didn't realize that. Thanks for the note. :) – user113716 Jun 8 '10 at 23:10
ah, sorry - my bad :) – Esse Jun 8 '10 at 23:28

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