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I'm looking for some 3D editor that allows to create 3D objects and export them to XAML format. Because I'm under Windows Seven ZAM 3D editor is no option for me.

I need to create relatively simple(but good looking) 3D objects, no game animations. I prefer simple and intuitive GUI, so Blender is no option for me... It would be good if the program had free trial.

Any ides what might help me ?

Thank you

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Have you tried running it under Windows 7 backwards compatibility mode?


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If you don't like Blender, you can use the Xaml exporter for 3D Studio Max. It's primitive, but may work for simple models.

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Why don't you want using Zam 3D on Windows 7 ???

I'm using Zam 3D and Swift3D on all my computers, even the big one under Windows 7 / 64 bit with no problem at all.

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