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I have two tables CustomerAddress(CustomerId, City, Country) and CustomerTransactions(TransactionId, CustomerId, CustomerContact). Here are the values in the tables:

For CustomerAddress:

1001, El Paso, USA    
1002, Paris, France    
1003, Essen, Germany    

For CustomerTransactions:

98, 1001, Phillip    
99, 1001, NULL
100, 1001, NULL    
101, 1003, Carmen    
102, 1003, Carmen    
103, 1003, Lola    
104, 1003, NULL    
105, 1002, NULL

I'm trying to join both tables and have the following result set:

1001, El Paso, USA, Phillip    
1002, Paris, France, (empty string)    
1003, Essen, Germany, Carmen    
1003, Essen, Germany, Lola

It seems like a simple join but I'm having trouble coming up with the above result set. Please help.


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what data you need to get from this join specially one row in customer address can related to more than one row in customer transaction –  Amr Badawy Jun 8 '10 at 23:43
Yes, one row in the customeraddress table can relate to more than one row in the customer transaction table. I need the distinct values for the CustomerContact column. –  Ashanti Jun 8 '10 at 23:47
without the null values –  Ashanti Jun 8 '10 at 23:49

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I finally figured it out...

SELECT DISTINCT CA.CustomerId, CA.CustomerCity, CA.CustomerCountry, ISNULL(CT.CustomerContact) AS CustomerContact
FROM CustomerAddress CA
LEFT JOIN (SELECT CustomerId, CustomerContact 
           FROM CustomerTransactions
           WHERE CustomerContact IS NOT NULL) CT ON CT.CustomerID = CA.CustomerID

Thanks for putting me on the right track.

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Just add a WHERE clause that ensures the column is not null.

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Doing that will eliminate the second row of the desired result set... –  Ashanti Jun 8 '10 at 23:44

Give this a go

FROM CustomerAddress ca
INNER JOIN CustomerTransactions ct
    ON ca.CustomerId = ct.CustomerId
GROUP BY ct.CustomerId, ct.CustomerContact
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This looks like a left join to me.

select ca.CustomerAddressID, ca.City, ca.Country, ISNULL(ct.CustomerContact, '')
from CustomerAddress ca
left join CustomerTransaction ct on ca.CustomerID = ct.CustomerID

That way you get all the address records, and if any don't have a corresponding CustomerTransaction you should get an empty string.

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select distinct 
from CustomerAddress ca
left join CustomerTransaction ct on ca.CustomerID = ct.CustomerID

with distinct you will not get carmen twice

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