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What should I know about the trade-offs between these two HTTP libraries?

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close-voters, this is not an exact duplicate of the question you referenced. The other OP asked for the best HTTP lib, this one for a decision aid on two specific libs. – Andreas_D Jun 9 '10 at 6:21

Depends on your needs I would say. I used the one while doing simple GETs and POSTs. Suddenly I needed support for session cookies etc, and I switched to the HTTPClient.

That's also my general recommendation. Don't introduces dependencies on third-party libraries for simple tasks that can be easily done without.

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Well, the apache library is easy to use and reliable, but as aioobe said introduces external dependencies (given that has apache license that should not be a problem for commercial products). IMHO if you have to handle a lot of simultaneous connections I will go for the apache lib as the performance will be probably better.

Check this article:

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