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Good afternoon,

Wow what a title.

Basically here is the thing.

If have a time series which is not continuous.

Hence, since I use the IsXValueIndexed property of the Series (set to true) to collapse the space between the separate points.

That works fine, however I would now like to be able to recover a point's detail in from the graph (X and Y values) and display them in a label on the form.

Hence, I use the following event:

void myChart_CursorPositionChanging(object sender, CursorEventArgs e)
        if (!double.IsNaN(e.NewPosition))
            if (e.Axis.AxisName == AxisName.X)
                lbl_selDate.Content = DateTime.FromOADate(e.NewPosition);
                lbl_selValue.Content = e.NewPosition;

The problem is that the date is incorrect... I cannot find the right conversion method to recover this damned timestamp.

Can you by any chance help me out?



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suppose you have x-axis of type DateTime then use:

DateTime xValue = DateTime.FromOADate(((Chart)sender).Series[0].Points[(int)e.NewPosition - 1].XValue)

suppose you have y-axis of type double then use:

double yValue = ((Chart)sender).Series[0].Points[(int)e.NewPosition - 1].YValues[0];
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