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I try to update an iPhone application to support the larger screen resolution on iPhone 4. How to detect if my app is running on iPhone 4 or not?

Thanks in advance.

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As I understand it, this is not the same question. He is not asking the OS version but the device version (e.g. iPhone 3G, or iPhone 4). This cannot be queried in the UIDevice class currenty. The SDK for iOS 4 might have a solution, but this would be still under NDA. – Fönsi Jun 9 '10 at 7:33
Can you instead make your app detect the screen size by checking the window/root view frame size? – Joe Jun 9 '10 at 10:47

i can trace my iPhone 3GS through this code

struct utsname systemInfo;
NSLog(@"%@", [NSString stringWithCString:systemInfo.version

i hope it will work for iPhone 4

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You could try using this method

-(NSString *) getDeviceType {
    return [UIDevice currentDevice].model;

Or just get it like this:

NSLog(@"%@", [UIDevice currentDevice].model);

To check if a device is retina capable do the following:

BOOL result;
if ([[UIScreen mainScreen] scale] == 2.0) result = TRUE; else result = FALSE;
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