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i am programatically adding Webcontrols in to a User Control i am also adding a javascript event passing the controlID as a parameter but the clientID is the one i assigned a it does not contain the one that generates

   var txt = new TextBox();
   txt.ID = "MyID"+Number;

   chkBox.Attributes.Add("onClick", "EnableTxtBox('" +txt.ClientID + "');");

i can workAround this by adding the parent control ID

   chkBox.Attributes.Add("onClick", "EnableTxtBox('" + this.ClientID+"_"+txt.ClientID + "');");

On which Page life cycle are the Client IDs generated?

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Client Ids are by far one of the most obnoxious things to deal with in webforms, if I had to make solely 1 argument of why the MVC framework is substantially better than webforms it would be this argument that you dictate the ids not depend on to assign whatever it feels like. – Chris Marisic Nov 18 '08 at 22:38
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You need to add the control to the control hierarchy before you add the attribute.

   var txt = new TextBox();
   txt.ID = "MyID"+Number;
   Controls.Add ( txt );
   chkBox.Attributes.Add("onClick", "EnableTxtBox('" +txt.ClientID + "');");

ControlCollection is no ordinary collection; it notifies the owner control when controls are added, and the control can take appropriate actions.

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this works great only when no <% %> code blocks exist – Oscar Cabrero Nov 18 '08 at 23:14

You should be able to add the attribute during OnPreRender(). INamingContainer is so painful sometimes...

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this solution works for me since i was having <% %> code blocks and does not allow me to add the created control to this.Controls Thanks – Oscar Cabrero Nov 18 '08 at 23:50

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