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I need to pass a variable to model, that model needs to send another back and use that variable to query a different model.


I have a product_ID which I send to the product model, From that I find out the supplier_ID. I want to grab that supplier_ID to the supplier model to get the supplier name.

How do you implement this in codeigniter?

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I would generally do something like this in my controller:


$result = $this->Suppliers->get_supplier_name($this->Products->get_product_supplier($product_id));
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I need to get a value from the 'products' to send to 'suppliers', I tried using something like $this->products_model->get_products($p_id, &$b_id); p_id is the product ID i send to get the correct information and b_id is what I want back –  Craig Ward Jun 9 '10 at 9:39

I would do a join between the two tables and do one single query.

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Easiest way is to set it as a public variable (see visibility in OOP):

function blah() {
    public $product_id = 0;


    // Products model can set and access $this->product_id


    // Suppliers model can also set and access $this->product_id

If you really wanted to in CI you could declare $product_id in your controller to make it truely global but I wouldn't do that personally for tidyness.

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Like kemp said, it sounds like a join would be your best bet:

// pass the $product_ID variable to the model
$this->db->join('product_tbl','product_tbl.supplier_ID = supplier_tbl.supplier_ID');
$query = $this->db->get();

Of course, if you have a reason to keep the models separate, this won't help.

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Why wouldn't something like this work for you?

$s_id = $this->product_model->getSupplierID($p_id);
$s_name = $this->supplier_model->getSupplierName($s_id);

Seems very straightforward to me. Or, perhaps you could clarify which this approach doesn't achieve what you need?

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