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When writing web apps in Python, it brain dead easy to run a development server. Django and Google App Engine both ship with simple servers.

The main feature I'm looking for is no configuration. I want something like the GAE dev server where you just pass the directory of the app as a parameter when the server is started.

Is there a reason that this is more difficult with PHP?

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Use XAMPP: http://www.apachefriends.org/en/xampp.html Its easy to install and config.

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I'd be happier if I didn't need to run Apache, but this looks like the way to do it. Currently, I use Nginx / MySQL, but I only touch it every few months, so I don't feel like screwing around with configuring anything. –  pinchyfingers Jun 9 '10 at 21:29

Actually PHP 5.4.0 recently presented its built-in web server:

cd ~/public_html
php -S localhost:8000
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If it's a feasible option on whatever platform you're using, PHP 5.4 has a Django-like development server.

You may also want the snippet I use to detect the development server and replicate the two most common uses of mod_rewrite. (Hiding index.php in URLs and passing static files through to be served)

(Yes, there is a built-in command-line switch for that, but it doesn't quite match the mod_rewrite snippet most people use and caused spurious 404 errors for me because of that mismatch.)

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When I need a quick php web server for local testing I use QuickPHP

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This seems to be Windows only. –  maxmackie Mar 28 '12 at 2:05

easy_php_dev makes multi-site php development very easy and fast. Only limitation is it is designed only for OSX. Disclosure: I'm the author.

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Great product. :) –  Nick Binnet Jun 18 '13 at 16:27

We have developed a very small development server which has a similar behavior as django development server.

The software is called sng and work with php and nginx. It is made in javascript and nodejs, you can install it very easily with npm :

npm install sng
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Try using batch file

1 => Open notepad
2 => type => php -S localhost:8000
3 => save file as .bat extension => server.bat
4 => now click on server.bat file your server is ready on [http://localhost:8000]

Dependency =>

           if you got error php not recognize any internal or external command
           then goto environment variable and edit path to php.exe
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AppServ has always setup everything you need nicely!

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