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I have written a nifty function that will accept a system.object, reflect on its properties and serialize the object into a JSON string. It looks like this:

public class JSONSerializer

    public string Serialize(object obj)

Now, I want to be able to do this to serialize a dynamic/ExpandoObject, but because my serializer uses reflection, it isn't able to do it. What's the workaround?

public class Test
    public dynamic MakeDynamicCat()
        dynamic newCat = new ExpandoObject();
        newCat.Name = "Polly";
        newCat.Pedigree = new ExpandoObject();
        newCat.Pedigree.Breed = "Whatever";

        return newCat;

    public void SerializeCat()
        new JSONSerializer().Serialize(MakeDynamicCat());
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I think, this question is very similar: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2634858/how-do-i-reflect-over-the-members-of-dynamic-object

At least the answers should help you too.

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I would suggest to use JSON.NET to serialize. The version 3.5 supports serializing dynamic objects (like expando). Deserialization from JSON to dynamic object involves a little efforts but that too isn't too cumbersome. The below post lists that out:

Dynamic Object Serialization

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