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I have an project in visual studio 2008

I press F5 and the "test page" does not launch and I don't understand why.

Looked at the properties for the site and "start action" is correctly set to "use current page"

Similar question. assuming it automatically launched above, how does one open a 2nd instance of the current debug site (seems like their ought to be a "launch site" button?

edit: I went back and launched VS as admin and it did launch the site. Maybe this is a security issue?

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Define "does not launch." – David Lively Jun 9 '10 at 11:28
Sorry, not specific enough. No website is started. does not go to my default web browser and go to the debug website. – Maestro1024 Jun 9 '10 at 14:11
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Restart ur development server or try with some other ports. Go to solution explorer select the project -press F4 , then in the property window u can set the new port or try with restarting dev server

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