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Is there any framework that fills up rtf document with data?

The idea is to make business people/testers change the document in MsWord and than generate reports from that.

The problem is with tables, Id need to create some special DSL for handling tables and showing hidding text/page parts. Id rather not do that and use some existing solution.

I tried to search for something, but I only found frameworks that can produce rtf output from xml input and i want to use rtf as input and output.

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There are some RTF parsers around and I've seen a JavaCC based parser for RTF too. Another promising approach could be the RTF to XML converter - that could produce a model which is easier to edit (iaw - filling data in RTF defined tables).

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It seems that you are talking about using Word documents as templates to populate and produce word documents as results. Depending on what changes you want your users to be able to perform, Docmosis might be a good option. It uses merge fields in the document to direct the processing of the template (DSL) including tables and images. You are not then limited to RTF etc.

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