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I am trying to load a spreadsheet formatted in CSV directly from Google Docs. I've published it and get this URL, which works great in a browser, and if I run withing the Flash CS5 IDE. When it's running in a web-browser (locally or online), it just hangs and never loads or give an error.

var request:URLRequest=new URLRequest(file); var loader:URLLoader=new URLLoader(); loader.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE,onLoadXML); loader.addEventListener(IOErrorEvent.IO_ERROR,onLoadXMLError); loader.load(request);

Any thoughts?

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You can't load across domains like that. It's a potential security issue.

You have a few options:

  • Have google add a crossdomain.xml that allows your domain to do this. (not likely)
  • Use another host for your CSV (easier, but I'm guessing you want the editing from docs)
  • Use a proxy script on a server of yours that loads the file for you (likely the best option)
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