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I'm tasked with creating a multi-touch application but I don't have a multitouch screen or device and ours don't arrive for a month (Grr!)

Is there some kind of emulation or cheap USB device that we can get that will work with WPF in .NET 4 for the interim?

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Its probably a bit late now but for anyone else use Multitouch Vista to enable emulating a Windows 7 touch device and in turn it will work with WPF4 (Using multiple USB mice is the easiest and reliable way). Make sure to follow the youtube video on the main page to how to set up etc.

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There are some small usb touch devices (like the Mimo iMo) but I'm not aware of any that have multitouch support beyond trackpad type gestures. As far as software emulation, the Surface SDK includes a very good simulator but the touch APIs for Surface, while in WPF, are a bit different from .NET 4. It may allow you to prove out and test your multitouch scenarios and then transplant that code into your full WPF application. Get the Surface Toolkit for Windows Touch too to give you a head start.

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if your are using windows 8 just you need to use Microsoft Windows Simulator Touch Emulation , it simulate all touch event within mouse , just run in C:\Program Files\Common Files\microsoft shared\Windows Simulator\11.0\Microsoft.Windows.Simulator.exe

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As far as I understand, the tool is for developing Metro style apps for Windows 8. It requires, WinRT and other features that are unique to Windows 8. Therefore it's not for ordinary WPF apps. –  Klaus Sep 16 '13 at 22:34
yes your right , it is just tools for debug any touch application in windows 8 not only wpf , it will install with VS 2012 –  Moslem7026 Sep 17 '13 at 9:25

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