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I would like to add dropdowns to the top navigation on a magento site, would this involve a plugin or is there built in functunality that could potentially do this already?

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Are you referring simply to submenus on the top menu? If so, it's pretty default to most themes, just add some subcategories to your main categories. –  Joseph Mastey Jun 9 '10 at 23:19

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It is tough to say based on your details, but if you are looking for mostly css menus I believe many of the free themes that come with magento have drop-down menus. Also, there are several free and paid extensions that have slightly different functionality from the stock themes. Check them out by searching Magento Connect. One that I used before was ExplodedMenu (it also has a paid big brother, SuperMenu), but your requirements aren't really that clear, so it is tough to say.

If you are talking about select-box dropdowns, I am not so sure. You can certainly build your own extension, possibly starting with ExplodedMenu as a template.

Good luck. :)

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