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I am a little unsure as to how to manage sessions within my nunit test fixtures.

In the following test fixture, I am testing a repository. My repository constructor takes in an ISession (since I will be using session per request in my web application).

In my test fixture setup I configure NHibernate and build the session factory. In my test setup I create a clean SQLite database for each test executed.

public class SimpleRepository_Fixture
    private static ISessionFactory _sessionFactory;
    private static Configuration _configuration;

    [TestFixtureSetUp] // called before any tests in fixture are executed
    public void TestFixtureSetUp() {
        _configuration = new Configuration();
        _sessionFactory = _configuration.BuildSessionFactory();

    [SetUp] // called before each test method is called
    public void SetupContext() {
        new SchemaExport(_configuration).Execute(true, true, false);

    public void Can_add_new_simpleobject()
        var simpleObject = new SimpleObject() { Name = "Object 1" };

        using (var session = _sessionFactory.OpenSession())
            var repo = new SimpleObjectRepository(session);

        using (var session =_sessionFactory.OpenSession())
            var repo = new SimpleObjectRepository(session);
            var fromDb = repo.GetById(simpleObject.Id);

            Assert.AreNotSame(simpleObject, fromDb);
            Assert.AreEqual(simpleObject.Name, fromDb.Name);

Is this a good approach or should I be handling the sessions differently?

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Technically, it might be better to start with a totally clean state on every unit test (new configuration before each test), but it will take too long to run a lot of tests on that way, so I use something very similar like your version. – Paco Jun 9 '10 at 17:22

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This looks pretty good, but I would create as a base class. Check out how Ayende does it.

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In this base class Ayende is creating the db once for all tests. I read that it is better to do this once per test. Is this still possible through the base class? – Ben Foster Jun 9 '10 at 16:05
I've just implemented this base class and it's actually very good. Definitely recommended. – Ben Foster Jun 9 '10 at 19:55

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