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As Apple introduce extension support in Safari 5, I want to make an extension that manage proxy settings directly in the browser (like AutoProxy for Firefox or Proxy Switchy for Chrome).

I skimmed the source code of Proxy Switchy. It is mainly written in Javascript/HTML, but uses an external binary bundle to do proxy switching. Is this scheme doable in Safari extension? If not, is there other way to manage proxy settings in the extension?

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You might not be able to do this in a cross-platform manner, as the proxy settings are managed by the OS in OS X (I don't know about windows) –  pkaeding Jun 9 '10 at 16:00
@pkaeding Yes, I'm aware of that. I just want to focus on Mac for now. –  iamamac Jun 9 '10 at 16:04

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Configuring the BOL Proxy Server for the Web

Open up Safari and go to Preferences.

Click on the Advanced tab and click on the Change Settings... button next to Proxies.

A window named Network will appear. Scroll down to the bottom of the Select a proxy server to configure box and check the box next to "Automatic Proxy Configuration"

Enter the address http://proxy.ucla.edu/cgi/proxy into the URL box.

Deselect Use passive FTP mode if it is selected.

Click Apply Now.

You are now able to access UCLA restricted sites. A secure page will ask you to enter your UCLA Logon ID and password before proceeding to the site.

See original post on below link. http://map.ais.ucla.edu/portal/site/UCLA/menuitem.789d0eb6c76e7ef0d66b02ddf848344a/?vgnextoid=d5b2dfc3cdcfb010VgnVCM200000dd6643a4RCRD

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(this the the link, not advertising) http://www.techrepublic.com/forum/questions/101-226884


(answer from techrepublic and apple.stackexchange it's not advertising)

I think they say you can

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Yes it is possible to set proxy setting in safari. Please follow below steps.

1.) Open Safari if it is not already open. 2.) Choose Safari > Preferences, and then click Advanced. 3.) Click Change Settings.

The Network pane of System Preferences opens. Use the information you got from your network administrator to change the proxy settings. Click OK.

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