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do you have any tips for some GUI applications (free) that are capable of debugging MySQL stored procedures?

I tried devArt dbForge MySQL Studio which worked just fine, but it's not free.

Thanks for any tips.

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Definitely take a look at SQLyog. – jake Jul 2 '10 at 6:34
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Unfortunately, there don't appear to be any free alternatives.

There is Illatis Stepin - an Eclipse-based IDE for debugging stored procedures. Price is $40 per licence. There is also MySQL Debugger, $50 per head. However, MyDebugger are offering licences if you have a blog - you get a license in return for blogging about the product.

Is the debugger for use in an open source project? If so you might try contacting the publishers to see if they will grant you a license, perhaps in return for a mention on your project page.

If it's for commercial development, you might try getting approval for the $40-50 license fee. The debugger could potentially save you hours of time, and so will almost certainly pay for itself within the first year, if not quicker.

If neither of those are options, you might setup a small blog and try to get a free MyDebugger licence!

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MySql Connector/NET starting v6.6 has support for debugging stored routines using visual studio debugger look & feel, it's also open source (dual license GPL/MySql).

To download it here:

For documentation check here:

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Does it work with Express edition? – surlac Oct 9 '13 at 19:44
No, does not work with Express edition (legal Microsoft constraints). – Fernando Gonzalez Sanchez Nov 3 '13 at 5:33

SQLYog Community Edition might be able to do this sort of thing

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I would recommend trying phpmyadmin.

Recent versions have a "delimiter" field separate from the SQL window that can be used to assist in generating stored procedures.

I am not certain that phpmyadmin has features specifically designed to help you sort out what is wrong with your stored procedure, but it does have a helpful "two window" mode for debugging sql generally (look for the "show this query in a new window" and then once youhave the new window be sure to click "do not overwrite this sql" checkbox. That will let you edit the query in one window and see the results in another.


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Definitely take a look at mySQL Debugging tool

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