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I'm following flex tutorials but i'm not doing exactly as they do, so :

What i want

I have an input text, with a button 'search'.

I want when this button is clicked that the data returned by the function search are displayed in the datagrid.

What i have :

The text input :

<s:TextInput includeIn="DetailServeurs" x="58" y="361" width="209" id="txt_search" text="Default text" focusIn="txt_search_focusInHandler(event)"/>

a Search button :

<s:Button includeIn="DetailServeurs" x="275" y="361" label="Rechercher" id="btn_rechercher" click="btn_rechercher_clickHandler(event)"/>

a clickhandler for this search button :

protected function btn_rechercher_clickHandler(event:MouseEvent):void
            if(txt_search.text != ""){
                getServeurByNameResult.token = serveurService.getServeurByName(txt_search.text);

and a datagrid :

<mx:DataGrid includeIn="DetailServeurs" x="30" y="124" width="1002" height="179" id="dataGrid" dataProvider="{getServeurByNameResult.lastResult}">
        <mx:DataGridColumn headerText="GSP_nom" dataField="GSP_nom"/>
        <mx:DataGridColumn headerText="port" dataField="port"/>

So how can i display the results in the datagrid ? Thanks ! ;)

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problem solved. I can't tell you exactly why but i got helped.

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