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When editing pages in TWiki I prefer to edit in wiki markup mode, not the default HTML.

  • How do I set this preference?
  • Is it possible on a per-user basis?
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you can set the NOWYSIWYG setting (mmm, that might be a http:://foswiki.org improvement the older one was called something cryptic like TINYMCEPLUGIN_DISABLE), either in the Site, Web or user preference.

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You can set preferences on a per-user basis like this:

---++ My Personal Preferences

   * Preference for the editor, default is raw editor, The options could be rawedit, wysiwyg.
      * Set EDITMETHOD = rawedit 

Copy this snippet to your user page.

I can't remember how I figured this out; there wasn't a super obvious way to do it. Maybe I just trolled through the preferences page until I found the right option to override.

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