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Well thats pretty much it.

This is my query:

$query = 'ALTER TABLE permissions ADD '.$name.' INT NOT NULL DEFAULT \'0\'';

Where $name is already checked to exist with only lower case alpha letters, and not more than 20 length. Im just starting this out with very simple names.

The next 4 lines of code after that one are:

if($stmt = $db -> prepare($query))
    $success = $stmt -> execute();
    $stmt -> close();
        echo 'ERROR: Unsuccessful query: ',$db->error,PHP_EOL;

And I get back, every time

ERROR: Unsuccessful query:

And no error message. Is there a way to get more error messages so I can see what is failing? I can add new columns through phpmyadmin, but that really doesnt help me at all.

The $db is fine, i do lots of stuff before and after this one section. It is only adding new column to the table that fails.

  • side question: prepare() rejected my query every time when i tried to make those 2 variables, the $name and the 0 value as ? ? prepared statement values. Thats why they are in the real query and not bound later. If i could change that too I would like that.
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Have you tried just if ($db->query($query)) and scrapping the prepare? –  TheDeadMedic Jun 9 '10 at 17:35
that was it. i just had it left in there because of the old way of preparing it. Now that the query went through i got my error message, my user account did not have alter/drop permissions. Do you think it is safe to query like this and not use prepared statements? This is literally the only place in my entire site where i do not prepare the query. –  asdasd Jun 9 '10 at 17:41

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Try to replace;

$db->error  to  $stmt->error

And put this before the close().

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worth checking you're not trying to use a column or table name that is 'reserved'. for example you cant have a col called 'lon' or 'host'

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