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I have a website tracked using Google Analytics. It is a Django-based website, so all the URLs are "friendly" URLs (e.g., /my/friendly/url/) and don't have associated files like index.html, etc. Should the "default page" option in Google Analytics be left blank or set to /?

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Taken from the Google Analytics help page:

Your Analytics Profile Settings page contains a field in which to specify your default page. This information allows Google Analytics to combine hits to www.yourdomain.com and www.yourdomain.com/index.html, which are in fact the same page. If Default page isn't specified, these would be reported as two separate pages.

This suggests that in your case, any users coming to your site would never hit an index.html page or similar so you should be fine leaving it blank. I doubt setting it to / would do anything as this does not actually "point" anywhere and since the Analytics documentation doesn't mention I'd stick to leaving it blank.

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