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Anybody have any suggestions for a quiet or silent mouse? My wife is not so keen on me coding while watching television because of all the mouse clicks.

A follow up for someone who knows hardware... are the clicks in a mouse really necessary? Or are they supposed to be auditory feedback?

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This is programming related IMO, why close? –  utku_karatas Nov 19 '08 at 4:30
This is a fair question. If he had what is your favorite programing mouse then it'd still be open. OPEN IT! –  Booji Boy Nov 19 '08 at 4:32
This has nothing to do with programming. –  Mitch Wheat Nov 19 '08 at 5:05
How about "What colour mouse mat do you prefer?". Do you think that has programming value? –  Mitch Wheat Nov 19 '08 at 5:05
Wasn't this question posted before and was closed? –  Peter C. Nov 19 '08 at 5:09

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I would not be sure that root issue is actually about the sound of the mouse. Is it possible your Significant Other is simply saying put the #=@#$^&* computer down for a little while?

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Precisely what I was thinking. Besides, typing is usually far louder than clicking (unless you have a fancy keyboard) and if the TV is turned down that much, I'd say there is hidden meaning in that. –  Mat Nadrofsky Nov 19 '08 at 13:25

I think your problem is not quiet vs. loud mouse, but the fact that you're coding in the same room where TV set is. Not only you harm your wife's TV experience, more importantly you harm your productivity.

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You have several options

1) Just use the keyboard. Real programmers know all the kb shortcuts.

2) Use a trackpad or graphics tablet or tablet pc or some variant

3) grab a Thanko Silent Mouse

4) Google will give you some other options.

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there's myriads of clickless software, some of it freeware. I heard good things about this one. This has the added benefit of allowing you to keep your mouse.


To the people above reccomending track pads, it doesn't solve the problem for right clicking. I know because that stops me from playing mine sweeper during meetings (probably a good thing).

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I didn't think of the gentlemouse thing. neat idea. –  BuddyJoe Nov 19 '08 at 12:50

Sounds to me a mentioned by Jim C that the Wife wants you to spend more time with her. There are hidden meanings in everything!

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A quick google found this one?

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A laptop with a trackpad would be very quiet. Is that an option?

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That just replaces the annoying clicks with annoying thumps as the trackpad is tapped. :) –  Brian Knoblauch Nov 19 '08 at 13:13

Get your wife a set of wireless noise canceling earphones. The advantage of that is that when she's done using it and she's sleeping, then you can use it to play XBOX.

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