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I've got the following in my view:

echo $form->input('Category', array('multiple' => 'checkbox', 'disabled' => true));

But, the checkboxes aren't disabled...

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Try the checkbox() method in the form helper. API link:

Just change your syntax (I think it's just a wrapper around the FormHelper::input, but this should work):

echo $form->checkbox( 'Category', array( 'disabled' => true ) );

If that doesn't work, post the HTML that is output from your call.

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Already tried that, it doesn't work. Posted a ticket on See here:… – Temega Jun 30 '10 at 12:03

I think you should pass true as string like:

echo $form->checkbox( 'Category', array( 'disabled' => 'true' ) );

If this doesn't work use

echo $form->checkbox( 'Category', array( 'disabled' => 'disabled' ) );
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