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I need a php lib that can auth using OpenID against sites offering this service, like Google, Yahoo, Wordpress, etc... Anyone used any lib that actuallly works? I've tryied a few but couldn't get any to auth against Google, Yahoo, or Wordpress.

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I would highly recommend LightOpenID by Mewp. It comes with a great example and has no unusual dependencies (the only requirement you need to be aware of is that of the CURL PHP extension). It's entirely self-contained, it's only one file, and the code is very readable. There are more tasty details.

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With Zend Framework, you can simply use the Zend_OpenID component without having to use the MVC functionality or any configuration files that are not concerned with OpenID

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phpOIDC implements both consumer and provider for OpenID connect. OpenID connect is a new spec that was released in 2014 and is worth looking at.

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