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I am targeting windows machines. I need to get access to the pointer to the byte array describing the individual streaming frames from an attached usb webcam. I saw the playcap directshow sample from the windows sdk, but I dont see how to get to raw data, frankly, I don't understand how the video actually gets to the window. Since I don't really need anything other than the video capture I would prefer not to use opencv.

Visual Studio 2008 c++

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Insert the sample grabber filter. Connect the camera source to the sample grabber and then to the null renderer. The sample grabber is a transform, so you need to feed the output somewhere, but if you don't need to render it, the null renderer is a good choice.

You can configure the sample grabber using ISampleGrabber. You can arrange a callback to your app for each frame, giving you either a pointer to the bits themselves, or a pointer to the IMediaSample object which will also give you the metadata.

You need to implement ISampleGrabberCB on your object, and then you need something like this (pseudo code)

IFilterInfoPtr      m_pFilterInfo;
ISampleGrabberPtr   m_pGrabber;

m_pGrabber = pFilter;


// force to 24-bit mode
ZeroMemory(&mt, sizeof(mt));
mt.majortype = MEDIATYPE_Video;
mt.subtype = MEDIASUBTYPE_RGB24;

m_pGrabber->SetCallback(this, 0);
// SetCallback increments a refcount on ourselves,
// but we own the grabber so this is recursive
/// -- must addref before SetCallback(NULL)
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I was looking into the SampleGrabber but I was having a hard time getting it hooked up right. I couldn't possibly get a code snippet from you, could I? I am expecting that I should be take the playcap sample and just add the samplegrabbber and null renderer to the graph and then use the samplegrabber's call back to get at the info I need. –  Mr Bell Jun 10 '10 at 13:22
I've added some brief code notes above -- hope that helps –  Geraint Davies Jun 10 '10 at 18:14

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