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I just installed the Azure 1.2 tools update and would like to get to work on an Azure project running locally using ASP.Net MVC and .Net 4, but I cannot get MVC pages to load.

If I just create a new Azure project in VS 2010, add a ASP.Net MVC web role, and run the application, pages never load. It appears that routing is somehow at fault as controller actions never get called, but if I add other pages to the project (like .htm or .aspx) they will load in the browser.

It all works fine with a new project using .Net 3.5, MVC 2 project in the Azure development environment; it all works fine with .Net 4.0 MVC 2 project that is not running in Azure; only the combination does not work.

Environment is Win 7 x64 (IIS 7.5), VS 2010, Azure tools 1.2

Is there some magic IIS setting I need to change or something? Any ideas?

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Check if you have "HTTP Redirection" feature enabled.

See here

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I should have googled "how a checkbox saved paving my machine"... You are hero to us all, or at least me. Thanks –  erg39 Jun 10 '10 at 7:14
I was running into a 403.14 error, and that checkbox fixed this! –  Rob Rodi Jul 8 '10 at 0:29

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