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I have developed a game for iPhone using coco2d 0.99.3. I want it to work on iPad. I have the new images which are bigger in size and resolution than iPhone images.

Every thing is fine, but I got the fps problem. In iphone simulator I used to get 50 - 60 fps and even in iPhone device I used to get 50 above fps.

But, in ipad simulator the fps is very low, it is below 10fps. I could not understand where is the problem. What should I do to raise the fps ?

Thank You.

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this is a common phenomenon among other developers (including myself)

BUT it's nothing to worry about; fps on the real iPad are much higher than the simulator. However, this only seems to happen with large images, so I don't add them till the very end of the development process. You can get reasonable results by doing so.

hope this helps

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