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Imagine I have an entity called Product and a repository for it:

public class Product
    public int Id { get; set; }
    public bool IsHidden { get; set; }

public class ProductRepository
    public ObservableCollection<Product> AllProducts { get; set; }
    public ObservableCollection<Product> HiddenProducts { get; set; }

All products contains every single Product in the database, while HiddenProducts must only contain those, whose IsHidden == true. I wrote the type as ObservableCollection<Product>, but it does not have to be that.

The goal is to have HiddenProducts collection be like a proxy to AllProducts with filtering capabilities and for it to refresh every time when IsHidden attribute of a Product is changed.

Is there a normal way to do this? Or maybe my logic is wrong and this could be done is a better way?

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Ended up on CollectionView/CollectionViewSource stuff.

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