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I'm having problems with a dll that I downloaded from somewhere. How can I look inside the dll to debug it?

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You don't say, but if it's a .NET assembly dll you could use the disassembly tool in Reflector to view reversed source code.

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+1 good point using Reflector, I will have to try it myself as well. Is it good or awesome? –  VoodooChild Jun 10 '10 at 6:41

If it doesn't have debug information then it's no use (usually DLLs are shipped in the "Release" version - which usually means that Debug information is not available). In order to actually debug you must also have the sources.

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You can use a program like DLL Export Viewer to view DLL files.

But as lulian pointed out you can not debug it, unless you have sources or pdb file...

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If it is a managed dll you can debug it with .NET Reflector Even without the symbols and without the source code. There you can

  • Decompile third-party assemblies from within VS
  • Step through decompiled assemblies and use all the debugging techniques you would use on your own code
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