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I have complete code for implemention for facebook in my application But the problem arises as follow :

Firstly whenever i import FBConnect\FBConnect.h the error will show that it doesn't "NO such file or direectory"

secondly due to this error i have 182 error in my application..


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Sharma, I have faced the same problem and rectified it. See Matthew Flaschen answer. –  Pugal Jun 10 '10 at 8:54
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Find "Header Search Paths" in build settings. Enter full path of the facebook sdk src folder(upto the folder-facebook-iphone-sdk/src) there.

This is assuming you have copied the reference of the FBConnect folder in your project and not the files themselves.

I tried by copying the files directly, but couldn't do so. Following the facebook developer wiki word by word would solve your problem.

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You need to tell the compiler where to find the header files; in XCode, this is called "Header Search Path". You will also have linker errors later if the libraries aren't accessible.

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Take care to see that your file name is correct..if so then check it out that that the file is present in the correct directory..

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i added directory but its not working........... –  Arun Sharma Jun 10 '10 at 13:15
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