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I would like to perform a check on the name of a file being uploaded via richfaces fileupload component. I would like to check this as soon as the user selects the file. A file with a wrong name, should not appear in the list, and an alert() should be called specifying the filename was not correct.

Is there a way to check the add event, and to interrupt it when the filename is not correct?

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ypu can use onAdd function or in the richface you can use the filesubmit event in your ajax listener:

<rich:fileUpload fileUploadListener="#{fileUploadBean.listener}" id="upload" acceptedTypes="jpg, gif, png, bmp"
        ontyperejected="alert('Only JPG, GIF, PNG and BMP files are accepted');" maxFilesQuantity="5">
        <a4j:ajax event="filesubmit" execute="@none" render="info" />

Before uploading the file filesubmit event fires. So you can check what you want on there. Refer this article Richfaces HTML documentation.

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At the time I asked this question, these attributes did not exist yet. However, it seems your answer is a correct answer to my question now, so I'll accept it :-) –  Fortega May 12 '14 at 9:52
Fortega thank you very much. now i have 50 Rep :) –  MacDaddy May 12 '14 at 11:30

It's possible but you would need to write your own JavaScript function to check that. You could use onupload event to call the function.

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you can use onadd event, if you are using RF3.3

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