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Am looking for how I can extend the Zend_DB_Table below to accomodate a BETWEEN two dates syntax and LIMIT syntax

My current construct is

class Model_DbTable_Tablelist extends Zend_Db_Table_Abstract
    protected $_name = 'mytable';

    $select = $this->select()
                        array('MyCol1', 'MyDate'));


I want it extended to be equivalent to the query below

SELECT MyCol1,MyDate FROM mytable
WHERE MyDate BETWEEN '2008-04-03' AND '2009-01-02'
LIMIT 0,20

Any ideas?

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Regarding BETWEEN, this issue was reported on the Zend site - it appears to still be open. The workaround mentioned is to use something like

$this->where('MyDate > ?', '2008-04-03')->where('MyDate < ?', '2009-01-02');

Looks like you can use the "limit" method to add a LIMIT clause to your SQL, e.g.

->limit(0, 20);

Share and enjoy.

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"This is equivalent to the expression (min <= expr AND expr <= max) if all the arguments are of the same type." So in your query you need use "=" sign too! –  Andron Apr 19 '12 at 15:21

Note that ->limit(0,20) means no limit to the number of returned rows, but skip the first 20 rows.

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$adapter = $this->getAdapter();

$dt = "datetime between ? and ? ";
$dt = $adapter->quoteInto($dt, "04-01-2010 ", null, 1);
$dt = $adapter->quoteInto($dt, "05-01-2010 ", null, 1);

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