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I'm looking for a simple, idiomatic method of replicating Excel's visual cue that a number is too large to be displayed in a column. I've got the following xaml:

        <GridViewColumn ... />

and what I'd like is if the text in the column is too small to be displayed (i.e. it's clipped), I want to replace the displayed data with '#' characters.

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You could multi-bind the cell's content to the actual number, to the width of the containing column, and to the desired size of the TextBlock. Then use a converter to convert select the content accordingly. Pseduo-XAML:

        <TextBlock x:Name="_textBlock">
                <MultiBinding Converter="{StaticResource MyConverter}">
                    <Binding Path="."/>
                    <Binding Path="ActualWidth" RelativeSource="{RelativeSource Ancestor, AncestorType={GridViewColumn}}"/>
                    <Binding Path="DesiredSize.Width" ElementName="_textBlock"/>


public class MyConverter : IMultiValueConverter
    public object Convert(...)
        object content = values[0];
        double actualWidth = (double)values[1];
        double desiredWidth = (double)values[2];

        if (desiredWidth > actualWidth)
            return "######";

        return content;

Other than that, you could write your own TextBlock subclass that does a similar thing automatically, and then use that inside each column template.

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