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I am using jQuery validation plugin and Watermark plugin. The problem I am facing is when i applied a watermark to any input field for which validation is also applied then validations are failing

For Example:

<input type=text name=myinput class="required">

and I applied a watermark for this field in document ready function:

$("#myinput ").Watermark("myinput ");

This is the sample case where validation is failing as value=myinput is set for input field which is watermarked.

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Finally i got the solution for this by registering a method for validation rules and using that along with the class for that input tag like

$.validator.addMethod("watermark", Watermark, $.validator.messages["required"]);

function Watermark(value, element) {
            if (element.className.match("required") != null) {
                var id = "WM_" + element.name;
                return value != document.getElementById(id).value;
                return true;

And for input tag use this

<input type='text' class='required watermark'>
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