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Is there an ability to import fixed width file to oracle? Preferably through .net(c#) for catching errors during import and showing them to user.

P.S. File has 5 types of rows. For example 1 row has 5 columns, 2-nd has 50 columns.

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If you are able to generate or place the files on the database host (or a file share that the database host can access), you can use Oracle externally-defined tables, which let you use a SQL*Loader-like description of the file to make it appear as a table to the Oracle RDBMS for selects, joins, etc. After the first access to the file, an exceptions file will be generated on the filesystem that contains the errors - you could even bind a second table to this file to show the errors.

The "tables" will be SELECT-only however.

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+1 External tables are definitely easier to work with than SQL*Loader, especially if we need to be interactive with a user who is not a DBA. –  APC Jun 10 '10 at 12:02

If you want to use .net/c# then you'll probably need to write your own methods to do it.. but if you want to use standard tools, then SQL*Loader is what you want.

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File has 5 types of rows. For example 1 row has 5 columns, 2-nd has 50 columns. Will SQL Loader work with it? –  Alex Blokha Jun 11 '10 at 6:48

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