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I am using Oracle form 10 I want to know how can I access the parameters of URL in oracle form

Ex: whenever I run the form it opens in a browser and the URL for the same is

I just want to know how can I access the value of 'config' parameter inside oracle form code.

when we run oracle form using 10g then

I will appreciate the help !!

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I don't know if you can read config parameter, but to read another parameter from URL your URL have to be like:

In your .fmb you will have to add 'name' parameter in the parameters block and then you could do something like:

if :PARAMETER.name = 'value' then
end if;

And for more than one parameter use:
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You are trying assign the inbuilt variable config to the parameter but actualy you have to name the parameter like

if you want to use the predefine paramater then user get_application_property inbult function by oracle

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