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Does anyone know how to position a widget called linkWithin on the page? By default it's putting it below every post. I want to display it in the sidebar though. Any ideas?

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From the LinkWithin FAQ:

How can I customize the placement of the widget on my blog?

Modify your HTML template to add the code below at the place where you want the widget to appear:

<div class="linkwithin_div"></div>

So you'd take that bit of HTML out of your posts template and move it either directly into your sidebar template or paste it into a sidebar widget within WordPress's admin interface.

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I pretty much followed the Rick's instruction but I had to change the div class to linkwithin_hook in order to work.

If you want to know the class name, try to find the var linkwithin_div_class of your LinkWithin code. I hope that helps! :)

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I was having the same issue and the only workaround I could find was to:

  1. Deactivate the LinkWithin WordPress plugin
  2. Visit LinkWithin and resubmit my site
  3. Instead of choosing WordPress Manual Install for my Platform, I chose Other
  4. Copy the script code LW gives you and place in your footer.php file, right above the wp_footer() php call
  5. On my single and home page php templates, I used the div that Manzabar provided you in addition to the LW script to change the text to something of my own (Step 5 on the FAQ page)

Hope that helps you out or anyone else!

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