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I have a script which uses killproc and procofpid commands and executes fine on a 64bit suse. But when I executed the script on 32bit redhat , I found that the above commands donot exist.

I don't have a 32bit Suse and 64bit redhat machines to test my script.

Is my guess right that on 64bit redhat the above commands should be available? Or are the above commands specific to Suse and redhat?


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No, but kill and pidof are, which are also portable. –  Tim Post Jun 10 '10 at 15:08

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The commands are unlikely to be portable. Actually this is first time I hear about them - but I guess your problem is to work with process by the name, not pid.

Check the man pgrep or man pkill - they are slightly bit more portable. They are part of procps package (where ps and top come from) and should be available on all Linux variants. They are also available on Solaris.

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killproc is in redhat enterprise linux 5.4 as part of /etc/init.d/functions

if you need it just do

. /etc/init.d/functions

in your script to load the shell functions, its probably in other versions of redhat but thats the only one i have to hand at the moment

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These commands are defined as part of the Linux Standards Base (LSB), as noted by @AndreKR.

However, Redhat (and probably SUSE) does not define them in the location specified by the LSB, which is /lib/lsb/init-functions. Rather they are defined within a Redhat-specific location of /etc/init.d/functions. In addition, the Redhat variant is missing the LSB-defined function start_daemon. If you add the following snippet to the top of your script, it should be portable across both Redhat-style and LSB-compliant distributions:

if [[ -f /lib/lsb/init-functions ]]; then
  . /lib/lsb/init-functions
elif [[ -f /etc/init.d/functions ]]; then
  . /etc/init.d/functions
  # Pretend to be LSB-compliant
  function start_daemon() {
    daemon $*
  echo "Linux LSB init function script or Redhat /etc/init.d/functions is required for this script."
  echo "See http://refspecs.linuxfoundation.org/LSB_4.1.0/LSB-Core-generic/LSB-Core-generic/iniscrptfunc.html"
  exit 1
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I think those commands are distrib specifics: I have never seen them before. killproc should be a kind of kill but what is procofpid supposed to do?

In the title you speak about pidofproc, you can find this command under the pidof on most linux boxes.

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The ones used in Ubuntu are part of the specification "Linux Standard Base" and are documented there.

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I had the same problem as you, it gave the warning:

pidof: invalid options on command line!

I changed the

"killproc -d 10 $cmd" 


"kill -9 \`pidof $cmd\`" 
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