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I'm writing python program to build mac-address cache using pcap. But pcap module for python has no good documentation. I have found this page http://pylibpcap.sourceforge.net/ with code example and it works fine.

Can anybody modify this example to make it able to show the source mac-address for each packet? Or point me to the documentation where I can read about it ...


Here is a code part where information about mac addresses were cut.

def print_packet(pktlen, data, timestamp):
  if not data:

  if data[12:14]=='\x08\x00':
    print '\n%s.%f %s > %s' % (time.strftime('%H:%M',
                             timestamp % 60,
    for key in ['version', 'header_len', 'tos', 'total_len', 'id',
                'flags', 'fragment_offset', 'ttl']:
      print '  %s: %d' % (key, decoded[key])
    print '  protocol: %s' % protocols[decoded['protocol']]
    print '  header checksum: %d' % decoded['checksum']
    print '  data:'

First 14 octets in data are destination, source mac-addr and ether type.


I need to parse them to get this info. Task is done.

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Google "Ethernet frame formats". The first 6 octets of a packet is the destination MAC address, which is immediately followed by the 6 octets of source MAC address.

This Wikipedia page may help.

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Thanks a lot! It is simple when you know what to do .. – Shamanu4 Jun 10 '10 at 14:16

Oh my god man, why are you doing this ? Use Scapy instead.

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Yes, Scapy is great – bortzmeyer Jun 11 '10 at 11:55

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