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Trying to connect to sql server 2005 with delphi 2010 gives me the following error after configuring the data explorer: ' DBX Error: Driver could not be properly initialized. Client library may be missing, not installed properly, or wrong version'

I know there is a work around by installing the sql server 2008 management studio. But this is not a good solution if all pc's need to have this prerequirement.

Anybody know a better solution/fix.

Delphi 6 does not have this problem.

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You just need to install the SQL Server 2005 Client. You can check the database deploy information in the Readme file in the Delphi install path.

Installing SQL Server Native Client

or you can download the feature pack

I wrote this article about DBX + MSSQL in portuguese, you can use google to translate to your native language:

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Thanks, your article helped me. – user362156 Jun 10 '10 at 13:04

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