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I'm using Crystal Reports Basic from Visual Studio. Now I want to create a 3D-Block Diagram but the series axis has the text from my columns of the dataset. Here is how my chart preview looks like xx

and here is how it is configured in the diagram assistant

All the texts on the series axis should be formatted like Monday, Tuesday, etc. and not Sum of SimultaneousMissionsWeekDayTable.Monday, Sum of SimultaneousMissionsWeekDayTable.Tuesday.

Somebody any clue......

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No worries, it's an easy fix:

  1. Go to the Preview window
  2. Right click on the label itself, and choose Edit Axis Label.
  3. You'll see the Original Label and the Displayed Label. Change the Displayed Label to whatever you like.


Thanks for the pictures. Made it much easier to understand your question.

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