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so i have this div

<div id="progress">{2 digit number updates here}</div>

What's the best way to turn this into a progress bar?

something like this?

<div id="progress">
     <div id="bar" style="width={2 digit number updates here}"></div>

would this be 'ok'?!!!

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Very nearly. You'd want to express your update as a percentage, so that you can show something like:

<div id="progress" width="400px;"><!-- maximum width of your bar -->
    <div id="bar" style="width: {percentage complete goes here}%;">&nbsp;</div>
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you beat me to the answer.. :) –  Rishav Rastogi Jun 10 '10 at 12:45

In addition to VoteyDisciples answer you could also use the jQuery UI Progressbar and updating the percentage with .progressbar( "value" , 25 )

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