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...or am I stuck rolling my own "XML chopping" functions. I'd like to create a small tasktray app so I can quickly re-point a Virual Directory to one of several of folders on my harddisk.

Bit of background:

I have 3 different svn branches of our code base on my dev machine.

Current Production Branch    ( C:\Projects\....\branches\Prod\ )
Next Release Canidate Branch ( C:\Projects\....\branches\RCX\ )
Trunk                        ( C:\Projects\....\trunk\ )

Our app integrates with a 3rd party CMS which I've installed at


In order to work our app has to live at the same root directory. so:


Depending on the branch I'm working on, I'm re-pointing the /app/ directory to one of the 3 paths listed above by going into IIS Manager. Just thought it'd be handy to have a quick-app to do it for me.

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Ok...this isn't a tray app but you can run it from the command line. Just change the physical paths as necessary:

using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;
using System.Text;
using System.DirectoryServices;

namespace Swapper
  class Program
    static void Main(string[] args)
      using (DirectoryEntry appRoot = 
               new DirectoryEntry("IIS://Localhost/W3SVC/1/root/app"))
        switch (args[0].ToLower())
          case "prod":
            appRoot.Properties["Path"].Value = @"e:\app\prod";

          case "rcx":
            appRoot.Properties["Path"].Value = @"e:\app\rcx";

          case "trunk":
            appRoot.Properties["Path"].Value = @"e:\app\trunk";

            Console.WriteLine("Don't know");

Then run as in:

C:\>swapper prod
C:\>swapper rcx


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Kudos Kevin, Should be easy enough to hack this into a little task tray app that I already have. Much appreciated. – Eoin Campbell Nov 19 '08 at 12:25

I haven't used this my self, so I'm not 100% sure it will solve your problem. But take a look at System.DirectoryServices in .NET. It can access IIS.

MSDN help for DirectoryServices

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Well, for IIS 7, there is a .NET wrapper to enable IIS management via .NET. See this link for details,

For previous version of IIS (5 or 6), ADSI and WMI interfaces are provided,

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