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I am trying to run an ajax $.post call on a script that builds a form dynamically. How would i go about doing this. Currently the psudocode looks like this:

//I Would build the ajaxString with a foreach loop, looping through all of the inputs on //the page. The following is psudocode,

var ajaxString; for each inputs { ajaxstring += "field i: \"\" + $(\"#frame\").contents().find(\":input:eq(i)\").val() +\"\"";

} $.post("dynamicScript.php",{ "" + ajaxString + ""

//Right now this is how it works normally //field 1: "" + $("#frame").contents().find(":input:eq(0)").val() +"", //field 2: "" + $("#frame").contents().find(":input:eq(1)").val() +"", //field 3: "" + $("#frame").contents().find(":input:eq(2)").val() +"", //field 4_check: "" + $("#frame").contents().find(":input:eq(3)").val() +"" },function(data) {

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I figured it out, using the serialize function. here is the code

$.post("dynamicScript.php", $("#frame").contents().find("#SubmitForm").serialize(), function(data) { });

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I would take a look at the jquery method called serialize. It will return a query string of all the inputs in the form.

e.g. (a=1&b=2&c=foo)

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