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I am building a c# - linq - sql server winforms/ application, accessing a database. I would like my business logic layer to be easily testable, and that means not littering it with Linq database queries everywhere. What design patterns/ best practices are available for the following use cases - inserting/updating a new object - searching for an object - loading a bunch of related data into a sort of "presentation" object that could be displayed by various views ?

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Do you mean Linq to SQL? – Koen Jun 10 '10 at 13:25
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The Repository Pattern is the one I think you're looking for

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I recomend to view video lessons Part 1-3 about services/repositories/filters. It's good solution.

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Look into putting your database calls into a set of classes implementing a common interface (Repository pattern is a common way to do this). Then you can mock these objects when running tests. Just make sure the repositories themselves are tested somewhere too :)

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Here is a six part article about Architecting LINQ To SQL Applications

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