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SP_A is a stored procedure that calls SP_B, then does a SELECT, and then UPDATES the same records/column that SP_B just UPDATED. SP_A has a TRANSACTION around the SELECT and UPDATE statements followed by a COMMIT.

Now, everything works perfectly when I call SP_A from a MySQL command prompt. However, when I call it from C#, it times out every single time.

The strange thing is, if I change SP_A so that it doesn't call SP_B and from the C# code call SP_B and then SP_A separately, it works. Why is this?

I'm still trying to pin down exactly what the issue is. It could be:

  • You can't call a SP that calls another SP
  • You can't call a SP that calls another SP that UPDATES the same records as the callee UPDATES
  • You can't do that above when there's a transaction involved

And remember, the problem ONLY appears when running it from C# using MySqlCommand

MySql.Data v2.0.50727
MySQL Connector Net 6.2.2
ADO.Net driver for MySQL
.NET Framework 4

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How long does it take from the MySql command prompt? If it takes a while (>30 secs) then the default command timeout from ADO.Net will kick in. –  Hans Kesting Nov 17 '10 at 13:59
Less than a second –  colithium Nov 18 '10 at 4:35

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It sounds like the CommandTimeout is the issue -> whenver a 'long' query occurs the .NET Connector will timeout. Increasing the CommandTimeout threshold should allow the query/procedure to work.

Note: The timeout is in seconds.

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The query doesn't take a very long to execute at all. Less than a second –  colithium Nov 18 '10 at 4:36

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