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I'm looking for a plugin to extend the search into the content of attachments (typically text file like doc or Pdf).

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Removed my answer since the plugin I posted searches attachment names, but not inside the attachments... – Jeff Jun 10 '10 at 14:31
I didn't see any PDF indexers in the plugin repository. This would be a good question to find an answer to, and an incredibly useful plugin. – John P Bloch Jun 10 '10 at 15:43
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This topic in the WordPress support forums addresses this question, and suggests Google custom search, which should in theory search PDFs and DOCs and would be easy to set up and try, or the Search Everything plugin, which might be what Jeff said doesn't work in his comment above.

There's also the Sphider Wordpress plugin, an search plugin that claims to support indexing PDF and DOC files. It might be more difficult to set up, but it's the best option I can find.

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I had this same need (indexing contents of uploaded files) and was amazed there was no plugin that allows this. The above do not work, and searching gave nothing.

So - I wrote one.

It works, we're using it at work. It's not super friendly - takes a little bit of expertise to ensure java & dependency (apache tika) are working - but it does the trick.

I may update it & submit to wordpress plugins - but meanwhile, if it helps anyone:


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Problem: Need to use wordpress search to find text within uploaded pdf files.


Step 1. Upload your pdf(s)

Step 2. Under the description of each pdf paste the following:

Click the link above to view PDF

Step 3. Copy the text from the pdf and paste it in the above in place of PDFDOCUMENTTEXT

Step 4. Install Search Everything plugin and then activate. Your searches should now return results including a list of attachment pages that include the text within the pdfs but will direct the user to click on the pdf link.

If anyone else knows of a better way to do this please let me know.

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